• Fresh Fire Foundation Kehancha, Kenya Church Kehancha, Kenya
    This Foundation is to help an entire
    community that feels forgotten because
    no one has been concerned about their
  • Evangelism in Kehancha, Kenya Visiting villages
    Many missionaries come to Kenya, but
    almost none of them go further in
    to remote places.
  • Mentally challenged children school Kehancha, Kenya The School
    Our mission is to raise the
    fallen walls. To finish building
    the school for children with mental
    health problems and for orphaned children.
  • School Children Kehancha, Kenya School Children
    To equip and reward teachers providing
    education to children without a regular
    paycheck or none.
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Welcome to Fresh Fire Foundation

At Fresh Fire Foundation we want to make the difference!

Many missionaries come to Kenya, but almost none of them go further in to remote places, like Kehancha, but there are people living in those places, too! and they need our help.

Their government don't do much for Kehancha, almost all their effort concentrate in centric places of Kenya. That's where Fresh Fire Foundation's help come into place. But we can't do it without your partnership. We need yo to be part of Fres hFire Foundation to make of Kehancha, Kenya, a better community. We can fund to lower the number of starving children, the selling and killing of them. If we bring Christ to this community by supplying them both their spiritual and material needs, we will see the change!

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November 21, 2013

Church Planting

We have new pictures of the church new construction.

May 21, 2013

Suffering Children

On 5/21/2013, a father of three young girls, burned them alive because he differed with the wife. Many young girls go through some extreme abuse like what just happened to these girls.